kk Star Ratings Shortcode

The kk Star Ratings plugin is popular wordpress plugin to add star ratings to your post and pages easily. The beauty of the plugin is that it is simple and works. It supports Scheme rich snippets which means your site will have stars shown next to it in the google search results. Why do you… Read More »

WordPress Preview Drafts Error

You have logged into your wordpress admin panel. Created a new post and before you hit the Publish button you wanted to preview your button. But when you clicked the preview button all you can see on the new page is the following error message. Sorry, you are not allowed to preview drafts. You are… Read More »

WordPress Showing Plain White Page

You just installed a new wordpress blog and all excited to start writing. But then when you login your administration area only to find plain white page with text without any formatting causing it to be a mess. Re-installing wordpress is a good solution. But is not always required especially if your first installation went… Read More »

How to Insert image in AutoCAD and Trace

Have you ever come across a situation where you wished you could create sketch from an image? Logo designers do this all the time by tracing over an image. Photoshop offers some fantastic tools for this. By using the layers and the pen tool logo designers can do this easily. But, how about we engineers… Read More »