3 Things to Consider before Promoting Your Blog

By | February 17, 2016

There are several elements of building a successful blog and as a blogger who is willing to build a great and successful blog that will always attract great success you need to be very active and on the look out for new ways to market your blog.

How to prepare Your Blog for Traffic

Building a successful blog entails several very important things and one of those very important things is effective marketing. When it comes to promoting your blog you need to realize that you shouldn’t just jump at it or do things anyhow without thinking about the consequences. This post will be listing some things you have to consider when trying to promote your blog.

How Prepared is Your blog to Accommodate the Traffic?

The first question every blogger needs to ask before trying to get traffic to his or her blog is how prepared is the blog to accommodate the traffic about to be received? A lot of bloggers take that with levity and I also once did and dearly paid for it. A guest post was submitted to my blog sometimes ago and due to the post being a very great one I sent an email to my list about it and encouraged them to share it on Stumbleupon. A few people shared the post on Stumbleupon and in a matter of minutes I started getting a lot of people to visit my blog. Over 2000 visitors came to my blog in less than 1 hr and it crashed my server. Even though I was using a dedicated server then I thought it will be able to handle the traffic without knowing that there are a few things I have to do.
Your blog needs to be prepared for the traffic you want to receive. You need to have a good host that can handle great traffic and your site also needs to be very fast so that new visitors won’t be discouraged at their first visit to your blog.
The more prepared your blog is, the more likely your traffic will stick.

Is Your Content “Sticky” Enough to Help You Retain the Traffic?

Once you’ve been able to sort out the issue of your server being able to handle the traffic the next and very important thing you need to visit is your content.
You have to realize that people don’t just read blogs for the sake of it and they are more likely to spend more quality time on your blog if they find your content interesting. Your content has to be either inspiring, humorous, educative or resourceful. This way people will see that you care for them and they will make you a go to source whenever they want to learn anything relating to your niche.
You need to gain the trust of your visitors to make them stick and the best way to do this is by offering them great content that can hardly be found elsewhere.

Are You Making Efforts Towards Building a Subscriber Base for Consistent Traffic?

The final question you need to ask yourself is if you’re making efforts towards building a subscriber base that can ensure you always get consistent traffic.
The truth is that repeat visitors have far more value than one time visitors and your readers would have made a level of commitment before reading your blog over and over again so you should focus all your efforts on getting repeat traffic instead of one time traffic.
There is no point in getting a million visitors if they won’t come back again so try your best to start funneling your traffic to your subscription page. Encourage people to subscribe to your blog and you will be able to get them to take action over and over again.